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Dawn in MI

That is a beautiful diploma, Jean! True confessions--my oldest will graduate from college in December and I still haven't gotten around to finishing his high school diploma! And my second son just graduated from homeschool in December 2008, so I now need to do TWO diplomas! Thanks for inspiring me. Predictably, one of my favorite sayings is "It's never too late." Thanks for inspiring me today.


That is a beautiful document Jean. They don't have high school diplomas or a graduation in the UK, which is such a pity. There is no celebration of achievement and often not even a party or opportunity to say goodbye, after all those years.
We could learn a lot from the American way of doing things.

Joseph Hogan Wilks

I was never sure whether to send my children to public, private home school or one of those accredited online high school programs you see all of the time. I suppose it is just one of the many decisions a parent needs to make for their child's future.

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