One-Line Bio

I am a Christian, homeschooling mom and wife to an engineer turned farmer. I blog to share the beauty of my world and my love of the night sky with others.


I can sew, knit, cook, bake, and garden. I've grown herbs and made potions and lotions. I can make candles and soap, can and freeze produce, and make bread from flour I've ground myself. I homeschool children, supervise the running of the farm when hubby works 24/7, paint the walls, and repair the leaking sink. I can teach English to an entire class of children who do not speak a language I can understand--I speak fluent charades. I can raise turkeys and chickens and butcher them. I can give shots to cats and cattle and donkeys. I can embroider. I can host an open house for 100 people, entertain 30 teens, and lead a Bible study for a small group of women. I can teach 70 6th graders about the night sky in a building where there is standing room only and I can whistle enough like a cardinal to get them to answer me.....

I am not a specialist in anything. My knowledge of everything is self-taught and incomplete. If I need to learn something new, I get out a book and try to figure it out.

I usually feel as though I am trying to be an Amazon woman doing Atlas' job. Someday I'd like to retire and rock my grandchildren.