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Donna Boucher

Do you think they would let me have a donkey in my back yard?

I love donkeys!

Jean in Wisconsin

A small donkey is about the size of a big dog. The neighbors might find the hew-hawing a bit more disconcerting than barking, but donkeys aren't noisy all night long like dogs--and mine usually only complains when the hay is low. She's really quiet for the most part.

Maybe you could do it. Wanna borrow mine and give it a try?


Jean in Wisconsin

Oh...you probably need to know that you'd need 2 of them. Donkeys have been known to drop dead from the fright of being alone!

JennW in So Cal

Obedience school?! And about donkeys needing a buddy. Are they smart enough to not be fooled by a mirror? Inquiring city folk want to know more about this cute critter!!

Jean in Wisconsin

This is what I wrote about obedience school for someone else: "Donkeys are known for being a.... um, being disobedient. They will not come when you pull on their halter, they will not come when you call them, they kick you when they don't like what you are doing, and they don't...well, you know. They just don't EVERYTHING. At school they learn to want to come, want to follow--to trust you more. It takes a lot of time and gentle patience."

And donkeys are rather intelligent animals. Pretty sure a mirror would not work--the donkeys wander around the pasture together all the time. If you don't have 2 donkeys, you need some other companion--our mama donkey, Penelope, often spends time with cattle--today she was herding them around...I think she thought the hay needed replenishing (dh thought they needed to finish eating the old bale). She usually hee-haws and herds her cattle when she wants to be fed.

They are characters!

If you click on the link in the sidebar "Farm Life" and scroll through it, you will find a few other photos and comments about donkeys. Penelope is Calypso's mom.

Donna boucher

I don't know why I love your donkeys so.
But I do. Thank you foe sharing little tidbits about C. & P.

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