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This makes my day, Jean! This kitty (what's his name?) looks a lot like my big Meagie (short for Smegol). I'll have to post one of him for you later. Thanks for such a sweet picture! :)

Jean in Wisconsin

This is Oreo. I often just call him "Oh". LOL!:)

Under the Sky

Are your kitties mousers or indoor/outdoor? You have some very pretty furry ones (that would send me running for the benadryl!)


Jean in Wisconsin


Right now we have 7 outside cats and 1 inside cat. Sometimes I let the outside cats into the sun porch to sit by the wood stove for a few minutes, but otherwise they live outside. I use to have 2 inside cats, but India Ink had a stroke and is no longer with us. So nowadays Snowflake rules the household by himself, and he is not allowed to go outside.

Snowflake may be my last inside kitty. My new son-in-law is allergic to cats, too!


Jean! You have a son-in-law???? When did this happen?

I know I've been in-and-out of the loop for a few years, but I had no idea that Bethany was married. They do grow up and do that, don't they!

Jean in Wisconsin

They were married last June. Here they are:



Jean, I'm sharing a picture of Meagie with you. :)

He's looks so comfortable, doesn't he?

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