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What a great night for you. I had planned on spending last night doing the same but we had high thin cloud cover that only let Jupiter's light through. Did you get a look at the comet south of Cassiopeia?

Jean in Wisconsin

I've seen the comet 3 times. It isn't much to look at through the telescope, but it is there. It is quite diffused and not very bright. Hope you get to see it!



What? no Orion? That's one of my favorite!

Jean in Wisconsin

Orion does not clear the horizon until about midnight this time of year--it is a winter constellation. The park where we meet has a hill to the east, so the rising constellations are not visible in the east as early as they might be elsewhere. So no, no Orion was seen last Friday night (but he was there early Saturday morning, shining beautifully in the southern sky. :)) He's such a wonderful constellation! But Hercules is a miniature Orion with only 2 stars in his belt and he is up right now! :)


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