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Cindy Marsch

Great questions, Jean, and questions I've been having myself. Until we packed Betsy off to college our house was at maximum-stuffed-ness, including some furniture items from my folks and Glenn's dad downsizing. We have things that from the beginning I had in mind to give the kids when they move out. Now, though, I wonder how many of these things they actually WANT! I want to start going through things and figuring out what _I_ don't want and seeing if any of the kids want them. If they don't, they're going!

Sending Betsy to UU helped me get rid of some kitchen items I had thought of that way, and it got the process started. So that's what I recommend--figure out what you're "saving" that they really don't want. That's what to start getting rid of.

There's also the nice idea that when we get rid of things they need and want we can actually get a thing or two for ourselves. :-) I'm thinking knives, for example--I could use some good ones.

JennW in So Cal

The closets that were so big and empty when we moved into this house 19 years ago are oddly stuffed now. We're not really hoarders nor big shoppers yet there is so much stuff.

The things that bother me most are items that start looking warn and thread-bare yet seem too good to through away. We've re-finished some furniture that survived a rough 19 years of abuse by 2 boys -- it is unbelievable satisfying to reuse rather than throw away.

The rest of the stuff....well...I can rearrange things and fit more.

Jean -- I am passing along a Stylish Blog Award I received this morning from a fellow WTMer. Your blog is always a lovely place to stop, whether for pictures of donkeys (did you ever name the new one?) or for a bit of poetry or philosophical thoughts. If you'd like to pass this along to some other bloggers, you can get the instructions at my blog which I linked below.

Michelle Smith

Oh, yes. Questions I have been asking myself here. About so many items. Keep? Save for my children's children? Give away? To whom do I give them? Do I ask around at church? Freecycle? Donate to a local charity? Ask God to lead me to that person?

Wisdom. Yes, that is what I need.

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