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Carolyn in MN

Telemachus just doesn't work for a girl. Athena? Circe? Calypso? Nausicaa? (Nausicaa the nosy, even)


Well, I instantly thought of Marguerite Henry's book, Brighty: Of the Grand Canyon.

Boy or girl, the little foal is adorable!


Just darling! Calliope, if it is a girl. :)
Lee (from the WTMboard)

JennW in So Cal

My son and I love her fuzzy pom pom of a head! We vote for Calypso, by the way...

Donna Boucher


She is so sweet.

I don't want a horse, a kitten or a frog....

I want a precious donkey !!!

Good girl Penelope!

Jean in Wisconsin

We will need to touch the baby and tame it down, but right now, mom is way too protective! We'll check to see for sure if it is a girl. I've started a list of suggested names! Thanks, everyone!


Oh a very protective mom of course! Be careful while you are near it, the mom might kick or hurt you.


what about WINNIE? Don't they sort of make that noise? Very cute little thing. Congrats!

Jean in Wisconsin

Well, a donkey really does not whinny quite like a horse--listen to this:


Jean...I have a new baby, too! Check her out on my blog! I figured you'd love her!

If it's a girl, Maria.

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