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Okay J, as you prolly heard on Classed, my dd's wedding is in less than 6 weeks. I've been running off and on for the last year, but I'm pulling out all the stops in the homestretch. So you have yourself a partner if you'll take me!


Jean in Wisconsin

Oh, now that sounds excellent! :)) I need a friend and a drill Sargent. Think you could be both??

Carolyn in MN

Jogging until you collapse sounds painful. How about the Couch to 5K program? People have lived through that.

I left 10 lbs in Lent, and will be watching to make sure they stay there. I'll cheer you on, too. Weather that permits pleasant outdoor exercise would be nice, wouldn't it?

Jean in Wisconsin

Carolyn, don't worry that I go beyond what is healthy. I have a very high standard of not liking to feel sick and awful, so jogging until I run out of oxygen means I can't talk and jog at the same time...at least that is what everyone says is a good indication. I get to the point when I'm puffin' to breath and then I walk. The collapsing is exaggeration. LOL! Guess I need a bunch of those little smiley faces on my blog to help me express myself. :)


Hmmmm, maybe not quite a drill Sargent, but I'm in! So how do you want to handle this? Should we post everyday what we accomplish ? 2-3 times a week? Here on your blog for the whole world to see, emails between us?


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