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Cindy Marsch

Beautiful! How'd you get the first, elevated one? From a hill? Your spare helicopter? ;-)


Beautiful pictures as always!!!


Tammy in Germany

Jean in Wisconsin

Yup. The spare helicopter.


We took a trip to view the eagles on the Mississippi River. This was taken from Nelson Dewey State Park. We were standing on an overlook. The buildings belong to Stonefield, a state historic site. Behind it is the river.

Mandy in TN

Jean, as always, they are just stunning. Have you taken classes or is this a hobby that you've developed on your own?


Great pics!

Jean in Wisconsin


I purchased my Canon Rebel XTi with money from my father's estate a few years ago. I added a wonderful little Tamron lens--18 to 250.

Since then, I've just been taking photos and putting them on my blog. I have Photoshop Elements, but I much prefer the free program, Picasa. I've just been playing with my camera, reading a few books, asking questions, and learning to crop, tune, and whatnot.

I just set the sharpness and saturation level higher on my standard setting on my camera, and I just LOVE what it is doing. Never even knew it could do that until I re-read the owner's manual this winter.

Photography is just a hobby.




Chucki the Parrothead

They are lovely photos.

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