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Lizzie in Ma

lovely Jean


Wow, beautiful! Especially the first one!


Really nice - love the bird, especially!

Mandy in TN

Great photos- esecially the little black-cap. Our poem last week for Teatime Poetry was Chickadee by Emerson, so it's very timely for us!



Sydni Bamberg

I only dream of getting bird pictures like that! ~Sydni

Jean in Wisconsin

The chickadees are friendly little fellows. If I go out and fill their bird feeder and then just stand there a few feet away, they often appear, land in the bush, and then quickly fly past the bird feeder, stopping just long enough to grab a seed. If I am patient, I usually can get a few photos. Maybe one or two of those are anywhere clear enough to post.

They sing, "Chicka-dee-dee-dee," and I answer them, and they sing back to me. Then I hear a flutter of wings and there they are for a few moments in front of me. They like me best when I am not holding a camera. Then they will stay in the bush and stare at me as long as I stare at them. I've had them land on the bird feeder while I am filling it. Very brave and cocky.

:) Jean

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