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Carolyn in MN

I hope this is not a tip based on personal experience?


I was just thinking the same thing, Carolyn! Poor Jean!

Jean in Wisconsin

Sort of.

I use to put a long rope on the door release and pull it outside to where we could access it in the winter. Right now, one of the doors is broken, so we can easily get in.

But, yes. There was an icy day a year ago that I remembered (in the middle of the night) that we did not have the rope pulled outside...but we did not need the generator.

I just thought it was a rather goofy tip-of-the-day that I hoped would make someone smile :). Today everyone is going home early, it is spitting icy flurries, and ice is predicted throughout the night. I'm glad we have a generator!


Too funny!
I discovered during a recent power cut that our fuse box is down an old ladder and at the far side of a cellar full of the landlord's old furniture.
Great thinking Mr Landlord!

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