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Jean in Wisconsin

It occurred to me after posting that there are a number of people who visit my blog who are not from the U.S. In case you do not know, we will be voting for a new president tomorrow, and Sarah Palin is one of the Vice-Presidential candidates.

:) Jean


The US election fills the news here in the UK too. Whatever the US decide has and has had a profound effect on the whole world.
Great pictures Jean!

yep... we now (but I didn't know about Sarah:-).... our country also in midst of mild chaos: ruling ANC party splitting and forming new party... (my dh calls it infighting (no common enemy anymore)...but that does influence our election next year... we have so many Parties it is comical.... (sad, but true)... nobody stands together, and the big parties are unfortunately mainly built on the poor and illiterate.... sonja from SA

Miz Booshay

Oh!!! I am so excited you saw Sarah! I think she is great!

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