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This looks wonderful Jean. I love fruit leather but I have only ever had it from a shop. I am so excited about trying this!

Carolyn in MN

Patrick is drooling on my desk and says "Let's go! What? It's only in the next state. We can get there quick.... Mom, let's go!"

Looks yummy! I think you've motivated him to bring in our windfall apples from the weekend winds so I can do some apple leather.

i was fascinated by the word "leather" - i did not know what you were about to share! down here in the south point of Africa we call it fruit rolls (the sheets are normally rolled)... we have friends that also do their own rolls, so i am familiar with the process... yummieeee... my favorite is guava rolls or shall i say guava leather:-)

Jean in Wisconsin

Lorna, leather is not hard to make if you have enough of the equipment, but it does take time!

And Patrick, we are here if you decide to make the trip :)

I think the store-bought fruit leather is frequently called fruit rolls here, too...but the ones I've purchased in stores are much softer and easier to chew than my homemade leather, which is closer to the texture of beef jerky. LOL!

Thanks for stopping by :))

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