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Adrienne Thompson

hello I have never visited your blog and I came across this reference quite randomly looking for the hymn you quote. Google is a wonderful thing. Anywya - it's one of my favourite hymns too and was sung at our wedding. I can tell you that it is number 7 in the Baptist Hymn Book published in 1962 and is by L. J. E. Smith whoever he or she may have been, 1879 to 1958.


Hello from England.

This hymn was written by Rev. L.J. Egerton Smith, who returned from his work as a Chaplain in the Forces in World War 1 to commence ministry as the Pastor in Burnham-on-Sea Baptist Church in Somerset, England. He served there from 1921-1953, thus serving for 32 years. Many of the current members still remember him as the one who baptised or married them.

I know this from the church history, I am one of his successors as Pastor of the Church.

This Sunday will be our church's 180th year anniversary. Contact me through the church website if you want any more information.

Steve Ayers,
Pastor - Burnham-on-Sea Baptist Church, Somerset, England.

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