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Oh, poor Jean! And I thought I was having a bad day. Sending lots of love your way.

Carolyn in MN

Oh dear. Whatever did you do to your toe? And the turkeys ... Hang in there. God is in control, even if His agenda is not one you'd even remotely consider for your life. We're praying here.

Jean in Wisconsin

Carolyn, I had surgery on my toe today. I had a problem with my foot as a child, and it has come back to haunt me. We are trying the "simple" surgery today, and we will hope it will solve the problem without doing the whole 2-weeks-stay-off-your-feet surgery. I get to take this big bandage off in 2 days, and then just a band-aid will take care of it after that.

:) It could be much worse.

Patty Joanna

Well, dang. I'm especially sorry about the back surgery. The turkeys are turkeys, your toe is on the mend, cars can be fixed, your dh is OK...so the surgery is the biggie, isn't it? I read the link. Do the docs have a timeline.

(And even if all the above is so, I am still sorry for the cars, the trauma to your dh, the surgery on the toe and the sick turkeys...I hope they get well.)

Kind regards,
Patty Joanna

Jean in Wisconsin

Yes, most of this will pass on by. The surgery, though, is something we would avoid if we could--it looks to be a long road that none of us would like to walk...


Miz Booshay

Dear Jean,

How terrible. All of it.

I will pray.



Hope there's not a sixth...as that's two threes :(

Praying for healing for your family.

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