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(Jean), my sympathy and understanding...
dear son received his drivers license a few weeks ago...the one car had to go to the panelbeater and the other car - well, will have to wait.
Drive safely! she said with a loving tone. Yes mom, I always do, he said with a slight different tone.
Shall we share the bubble wrap?
Sonja, from South Africa:-)

Dawn in MI

I know what you mean about bubble-wrapping your husband. A few years ago my husband hit a deer with his car. It was still driveable until he hit the next deer & his car was totaled. Then he hit a deer with my van & we just had it estimated for repair when he hit another deer! Thankfully, he survived all this without a scratch. Four deer in ten days! I wouldn't have thought such a thing possible. I am so grateful to all the deer hunters out there. They are my heroes.


Here is some on-line bubble wrap. I hope it helps.



Oh, my! If bubble wrap could survive here for more than an afternoon (we're all compulsive poppers), I'd happily donate to the cause. Poor guy. I do hope this is the end of this particular rash of collisions! {{hugs}}


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