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Oh my goodness, I just busted out laughing...I wasn't expecting such a close up. Great picture!!!!!!!


That is a great picture!!! Great moment captured... cute!



That is a terrific photo! Man, that is way too close though. Camels like to spit don't they?


LOL!!! A picture that truly does NOT need any words. Cracked me up! Happy WW...Susan


J'aime des ânes!

Merci, Jean! She made my day!


I love the look, 'What are you doing down there?'.

Jean in Wisconsin


This is my donkey, Penelope. She doesn't spit, but she is A-1 at kicking. LOL!

I don't recommend you go into her pasture without a carrot in your pocket--she might eat the pocket.

I thought this photo might be something everyone would enjoy. Penny is such a nut!

:-) Jean

Lisa (percytruffle)



I think it's so cool that you have a donkey...and this pictue is great!


Hey...where's the kitty pics! Cool donkey, though.


Oh, I just love donkeys. Mine is named Violet and she is sweet and sassy and oh so cute!

Is Penelope a standard or mammoth?


Jean in Wisconsin

Well, I don't know a lot about donkeys, but I'm quite sure she is a standard. When I look at donkey breeds, she has some of the markings of a Mary Donkey.

My dh bought her--I have no idea what type of breeding she has. 'spose I could ask, right? LOL!


sleepy jeanne

LOL! Hilarious picture :-)

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