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Children growing into adulthood has been on my mind a great deal this week. Our twelve year old is becoming a young lady. It is so little time since her needs were so different. Parents have to grow and learn all the time.


Jean, Thank you for re-posting this. It's a keeper, for sure. I remember reading this, perhaps before it was in it's final form on the WTM boards or classed years ago. It meant a lot to me then as I considered how to train-up my dear son, now 16 and a new Eagle Scout. I can relate to so much that you wrote about your own journey and I appreciate your poetic ability to make it recognizable.


Thank you. That is just what I needed to deal with my 3 and 5 year old sons- both having rebellious personalities. I will try to draw them closer to me. Thanks so much. :)


I came over here from your link on the well trained mind. Your post there really touched me and this post meant even more.

I've heard of tomato staking briefly (on the well trained mind forums, actually) and didn't know that I could do it though I think my daughter would really benefit from it.

I really appreciate that you share how HARD it was while you were doing it. It's reassuring to know there were times you felt like crying or giving up or that despite all your effort like you were failing. And of course hearing that your son turned out well because of it is great.

I can relate to the part about the child hurting you and how difficult it is to then deal with your own emotions. My gosh it's HARD!

Anyway, I really appreciate this post and wanted to say thanks. I've bookmarked it to read again when things are getting hard. lol

Janet D

Thank you so much for this article..I ended up here after reading a post on WTM Board that had this link. The WTM thread and your blog entry above truly been an answer to my prayers.

My 2nd-grade-son is putting me through he** (sorry, but there's no other word that I feel describes it) with his behavior during homeschool time. I have been feeling like a failure, exhausted, burnt out, hopeless even.

Now I have copied and printed out your post above, to keep me on the path. I thank you.


Thank you for the Tomato Staking article. I shared it with a woman in my Bible Study.

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