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Lisa (percytruffle)

Sounds like a wonderful garden in the makings. I've been thinking about starting some indoor seeds this year too. We haven't done so since we moved here three years ago.

My Johnny's catalog came the other day. I haven't figured out all I'm ordering yet, but I know for sure it will include Swiss chard (with multicolored stalks) and Matt's wild cherry tomatoes (from Mexico). I also always plant spaghetti squash. They are so easy to grow and so expensive to buy in the store.

Good luck with your seeds!


That sounds great. I grew up with parents and grandparents gardening and putting everything up. Our land is very wooded and nothing will get enough sun :-(

Have you tried Bodacious corn? My mom does this one now -- it's the best corn I have ever had!

Good luck and have fun!

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