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Kim in ON

I love all of your winter pictures, Jean!

Hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas season!


I saw your comment at Kim's blog and wanted to stop by and say "Hi" to you as I am also a mother of 3 teens living in Wisconsin! (we have an 8yo son too) I love hearing about parents enjoying their teens. I know I am enjoying watching mine grow toward adulthood. My husband and I have tried to welcome the teen years with joy. I'm glad I found your blog, and I'll stop by and visit again!

Jean in Wisconsin

Welcome, Momala! Thanks for leaving a note. I always enjoy "mail" :-).

I'm not so good at replies to my mail, however :-(. But every so often I get ambitious and answer everyone's replies. LOL!

If any of you have specific questions that you want me to answer, I'm more than willing to respond. The internet, for me, is just a way to spend a little time "away from it all", so when I am here I do what I feel like doing--very little "duty" to this task. LOL!

So, I'm off to dry my dripping wet hair and do some housekeeping and enjoy our 4th day of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all of you!


Hi, Jean! I love that you are blogging about your 12 days of Christmas. What a great idea! Each year, I try to celebrate the 12 days a bit more. I'll be reading your 12 days posts to get some ideas and inspiration for next year!

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