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Classic Mom

Thanks so much for posting this- I came here from WTM board. I have been stressing out about how to do credit (pre-mature, my oldest is in 7th) This is a great resource-

sleepy jeanne

Excellent post! My oldest will start high school in one year, and this is just the sort of thing I need to start thinking about.

(and SpitFire is too cute!)

Studying for California Drivers Ed has never been this easy and this cheap

Jean in Wisconsin

We do driver's education through an area vocational school on line. I suppose it looks as though we did it at home by the way I wrote it. It was expensive and a lot of busy work. LOL! What I meant to say is that I included it in the classes I considered pass/fail.


Cheap Jordans

I knew little in this part before,thank you for you information!

Cheap Jordans

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I know this is an older post -- but I've really appreciated what you've written about high school and home school.

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