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Wow, that's County Fair-sized broccoli! And look at all those beans... *wistful sigh* Someday we will pull off something like that. Someday. Maybe. In the meantime, can I just oogle your garden produce? Gorgeous!

She's beautiful. Poor little socially awkward thing.


Miz Booshay

Those calicos just don't know how to get along :o)


Ooo, I miss having a garden. I haven't been able to garden at all this year. Unless you count the three little cactus plants we put in a pot.


I thought I'd pop in and visit you and your kitties. I haven't come over to your blog for a while. I've been picking lots of beans too and there are always lots of posing felines at my house!We have a socially inept one also. He runs and hides whenever people are around yet will act like a big bully chasing cats twice his size out of his yard! Silly felines.

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