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Patty in WA

Keep your own wings, ready, Jean-Eagle. One of the beautiful things about seeing the flight of the eaglet is this: the adult pushes the eaglet out of the nest, yes. But then the adult soars out to support the eaglet, flying underneath her, bearing her up, even as our heavenly Father is portrayed, "bearing us up on eagle's wings". You still have a really important role...it's just outside the nest.

This was a lovely piece you wrote.

Melissa in TN

This was so lovely! I am just beginning, in a sense. Even though mine are 6 and 9, each year feels new. You have given me simple, yet very important and much appreciated guidance for our journey. Thanks and blessings! I wish your dc well on her new journey too!


I am so glad I found your site and read your post for today. I found so much encouragement. Today I did some school with the kids (more like review to get ready to start in a month since we finished early). I am getting to jump in to Classical education. It's going to be an adjustment. My oldest (son) is starting 7th grade. Your post today is the cup of tea I needed. THANK YOU so much!

Karen K.


Just wanted to let you know that this was so encouraging for me. It really helps to hear the perspective of one who's walked the homeschool road for 13 years. Congratulations and may you continue to enjoy the fruit of your many labors!

Karen K.

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