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Miz Booshay

It was wonderful to spend the day with you Jean!

You must be so proud of your hard-working young men!!!

That is just fantastic!

Jessica (Trivium Academy)

Jean would you be willing to share how you are tackling Socratic Logic?

It's sitting on my shelf because it made my head spin. Is there something I need to do before I try it again?

Thanks for any help

Jean in Wisconsin


VERY SLOWLY. LOL! 3 pages in one sitting is often enough!

To be truthful with you, I am understanding it ONLY because I've taken my oldest child through Traditional Logic, and my 2nd one is just getting into book 2 of TL. By having done those books, I have enough understanding of the concepts that what he says can usually be discerned if I read v-e-r-y slowly and concentrate.

I am most definitely one of the logic impaired members of society.

:-) Jean


Sounds like a delightful day with a good friend!

And your corner looks so clean and neat. Mine is very messy with lots of books and papers within arms reach. It also is in the basement where no one can see my mess.

Is the picture one of different birds?

Dana in GA

Miz Booshay

Good eye, Dana.
I like that picture too!!

Jean in Wisconsin

I bought the picture while on vacation a few years ago to go with my living room which has all bird pictures on the walls. I've a few Owen Gromme prints from when we lived in the Baraboo area--turkeys, meadow lark, and chickadee.

This bird print is an A-Z sampler: Acadian flycatcher; black capped chickadee; cardinal; dove, mourning; eastern bluebird; flicker; goldfinch; hummingbird, ruby throated; indigo bunting; junco; kinglet, ruby crowned; ladder-backed woodpecker; mockingbird; nuthatch; oriole,northern; puffin, Atlantic; quail, Gambel's; robin; songsparrow; tufted titmous; upland sandpipper; verdin' wren, carolina; xenus cinereus; yellowthroat, common; zonotrichia.

I think the reason I took the photo of my corner is that it looked so serene--we must have been cleaning house, because my table would normally have more piled on it, too.

:-) Jean

Anne in Saskatchewan

Jean: Two blogs I lurk at every day are yours and Donna's. How wonderful you got together! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall - the two homeschooling moms I would most like to meet.

Thanks for blogging.


Jean in Wisconsin

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq d

O.K. That was Snowflake stopping by to leave a message. :-)

Thanks, Anne, for your sweet comment. Some days I wonder if I am reaching out to folks, or if I'm talking to myself! LOL!

I met Donna a few years ago, and a couple times a year we get together. It is a precious friendship. Perhaps you could take a nice, long vacation some day and come to visit us in person, but don't come as a fly. My cats eat flies.

:-) Jean

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